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How To Recognize Uncontrollable Hoarding Disorder

How To Recognize Uncontrollable Hoarding Disorder

Do You Or Do You Know Someone Who Suffers From Destructive Hoarding? First of all, you are not a "Hoarder" if you tend to be disorganized and have too much clutter in your life.  So, just because your home is messy and you may have too much "junk" in your house, it...

Easy and Yummy Whole Chicken Crock Pot Recipe

Easy and Yummy Whole Chicken Crock Pot Recipe


How To Guide For Identifying and Eliminating Busy Work

How To Guide For Identifying and Eliminating Busy Work

Say No To Busy Work Busy work can be your number, one productivity killer.   One reason for this is that when doing busy work, you may not realize that you are mostly procrastinating or that you are not getting your most important work tasks first done. Busy work is a...



It is an eye-opening experience when you first start budgeting as you will likely discovery foolish spending habits and ways you can save money.

As a result, budgeting is the first step toward financial recovery and independence.
Proper budgeting is not hard and can be done either through a simple Excell spreadsheet, computer program, and even a smartphone application.
So, take a look at this and use this information to begin your journey into financial independence.


There are many reasons for having a bad credit score. Some of the more common causes are the following:

  1.  Bankruptcy Filing
  2. Immaturity
  3. Foreclosure
  4. Repossession
  5. Medical Bills
  6. Identity Theft
  7. Mistakes on Credit Card
  8. Bad Luck

  . . . 

However, no matter what the reason is for your poor credit is; with effort, you can significantly improve your credit score in a little as 30 days.

Click the link below as a starting point for your learning how to improve your credit score. 


Debt Relief comes in many forms, and what works best for one debtor may not work for everyone. For example, you may have too much debt for a consolidation to realistically work.  As a result, you need to do research and not jump into any debt relief solutions that you may hear on the Internet,  from a debt consolidation company, or even a bankruptcy attorney.

 Below are the most common forms of methods for debt relief: 1.  Debt Consolidation 2.  Bankruptcy  3. Debt Negotiation 4.  Debt Management 5.  Earning Extra Money  6. Paying Off Your Debt

I will go over most of these debt relief methods individually. However, I would advise you first to read the following article, which briefly reviews each of the above, potential ways to eliminate debt. 



You may be wondering why I am addressing clutter on my blog. After all, what does clutter have to do with budgeting, saving money, improving your credit score, and other personal finance matters.

The reason is twofold:

Money: Lack of organization and clutter means loss of time. Time is money. Therefore, organizing saves time and money. (I.E., The less time you spend looking for a file that is lost, the more time you can spend on work tasks that can make you money)

Mindset: I am a firm believer that an organized lifestyle helps you form habits that will help you in other areas of life. For example, if you keep your kitchen clean and organized, your projects at work will be more likely to be also organized and top quality.

Read the articles below to get started:

-> When Your Clutter Becomes A Problem




Cheap  Meals

To some, cheap meals may seem out of place here.  However, you are wrong! laughing 

In my own experience, eating out is one of my biggest expenses that I have.  This is especially true now that I rarely eat fast food. (Fast Food isn’t that cheap either)  $10 to $12 a meal adds up quickly, and sometimes I eat out several times a day.  So, eating out less is one of the best ways I found to reduce spending. Also, as an added bonus, cooking your own meal can also be healthier for you.   I will primarily focus on easy and cheap meals that are relatively healthy.   I will  also focus on the following:

->Slow Cooker or Crock Pot Meals


Time Management


. You only have 24 hours a day. So, you need to learn how to use the best of what time you have.   Some of the various strategies that you will learn are the following.

->80/20 Rule Of The Pareto Principle



When you are living paycheck to paycheck, saving money and investing can seem far fetched. However, under most circumstances, you can save money by tightening your belt, cutting luxuries, and still enjoy life. This guide will deal with saving money through frugal living, and also saving money through sound consumer policies. Also, I will examine basic investment strategies. 

Some of the subject I will go over are the following:

>DIY Guide For Fixing Credit Reporting Errors