What Lazarus’ Place Is All  About 


My name is Jon Martin, and thank you for visiting Lazarus Place. To tell you a bit about myself, I am a Navy Veteran, licensed bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a dog father of a French Bulldog.  

The advice in this blog is useful to everyone. However, I started Lazarus Place to help Middle-Class, blue-collar, and professionals recover from a financial setback and eventually excel in their career.  

Also, this blog can help you if you are in good shape financially, as I will be giving savings, credit, career, and lifestyle advice. 

My Qualifications

 Please note, I am not a financial planner, and I don’t have any formal training in financial planning. However, I have over ten years of experience as a bankruptcy attorney, where I consulted with hundreds of debtors and found out how they got into financial trouble. Also, through my position, I have learned the best way to come back financially and eventually build the life that you want to live. 

What You’re Going To Learn

Lazarus Place will primarily write about the following subjects, but I will also deviate from time to time.  

  1. Debt Relief-This will include bankruptcy, debt consolidation, credit counseling and other way to decrease your overall debt. 
  2. Saving Money– I will go over both saving, investments, and other ways to save money.
  3. Making Money-Various side gigs that you may or may not be interested in will be investigated. 
  4. Improving  Your Credit Score-I will give you advice on the best way to improve your credit score.  
  5. Frugality– You will learn hacks to save money on items ranging from groceries to getting the best deal on a mortgage.
  6. Organization– This may seem, at first glance, to be off subject. However, organizing and decluttering will help with both your personal and professional life. 
  7. Cheap and Easy Meals-Eating out, too much is a budget drain. That’s why I will share with you quick, easy, and cheap recipes.

Where You Can Find Me

I can be reached on the following social media platforms:



Thank You For Your Interest 


Jon Martin, Esq. 

My Furry Kid and I